People Innovate in Tough Times

I read this article: Eureka moment? Law firms report rush to patent ideas amid UK lockdown with interest.

After a major dip in March, I have certainly noticed increased activity from my clients

I think that the absence of routine work gives some people time and space to thing about the future of their business and how it can develop.

I have always believed in the "summer holiday" effect, which means that September and October are very busy months for the patent profession, filing new applications. Traditionally, there were summer factory shutdowns, which removed the day-to-day work to keep manufacturing going and allowed people time to think more creatively.

Now, there is the summer beach holiday, where people have little to do so their minds wander in a creative direction.

With the minds of innovative people having been freed up from the routine for some weeks, there has been plenty of opportunity to be creative to ensure that they are not left behind when business starts to move again. I am sure that the next few months will involve quite a lot of development activity that will generate a new technology and products that will contribute to the future prosperity of innovative and creative businesses.


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